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Our mission is to make art more accessible than ever whilst our artists flourish creatively and financially.

Émilie-Rose Nédey & Ails McGee

Émilie-Rose Nédey & Ails McGee

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
— Edgar Degas

Buying art might sound scary at first, but it is not reserved to people with a degree in art history. One of the great things about art is that it is meant to be for everybody to view, and why not to own.

You can decide to buy art for the love of it, or for investment.

We have very highly collectible artists in our collections, as well as young emergent up and coming artists. So there’s a piece of art to suit every taste and every budget in The Artillery collection.

Chosing a piece of art to buy is a real process and a commitment. You will live with it, build a relationship with it.

What is your budget? What style do you like? How much space do you have? The Artillery is here for you, to help you through this process, and guide you through the minefield that art can be.

We create your collector’s profile and source works to meet and go beyond your expectations. Tell us what you love, and we’ll find it for you!